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Hoarseness & Voice Disorders Specialist

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A voice disorder can cause you to sound raspy, breathy, and strained when you speak. While hoarseness is common when you have a sore throat or cold, it can also indicate a more severe problem. At Adult & Pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat in Kalamazoo, Michigan, children and adults receive the highest quality care for all ear, nose, and throat conditions. Book an appointment today to work with an expert physician and restore the natural pitch, tone, and volume of your voice.

Hoarseness & Voice Disorders Q & A

What Causes Hoarseness and Voice Disorders?

Sometimes just the act of overusing your voice with excessive or loud talking can create irritation in the throat and make you lose your voice.

Other causes of hoarseness and voice disorders include:

  • Laryngitis: This condition is caused by swelling in the vocal cords that can develop from the common cold or a respiratory tract infection.
  • Lesions: Sometimes a voice disorder can develop if you have nodules or lesions on the vocal cords. These are common in singers or in people who may do a lot of speaking.
  • Vocal Hemorrhage: This serious condition occurs when a blood vessel in the vocal cords ruptures. You may experience a sudden loss of your voice and should seek medical attention immediately.

Voice disorders and hoarseness can also be caused by gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPRD), smoking, neurological disorders, cancer, thyroid problems, and allergies.

Sometimes women can develop voice problems due to menstruation, too.

How are Hoarseness and Voice Disorders Treated?

Treatment for hoarseness and voice disorders depends on the cause. In many cases, it’s possible to treat hoarseness by resting your voice or modifying how you speak. The otolaryngologists at Adult & Pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat can make recommendations about voice use.

In some cases, your physician might recommend surgery if you have lesions or polyps on your vocal cords.

By treating the underlying cause of the hoarseness, it’s easy to regain your normal vocal range and reduce irritation to the throat.

What Results Can I Expect with Treatment?

A large part of recovering from a voice disorder is developing healthy habits that support your throat health. That includes not smoking, avoiding allergens, drinking plenty of fluids, and using a humidifier in the home.

You should also be vigilant about using your voice properly and not straining it too much with excessive talking, loud talking, or singing. Take care of your throat and try to avoid dehydrating substances like alcohol or caffeine.

To learn more about treatment for voice disorders and hoarseness, book an appointment today using the online scheduler.

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